The new first letter: On the integrity of the state

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my new first letter to you.

I honestly thought this blog had served its purpose and it was time to trust the process.  Insure Tennessee is the best thing you have done as governor.  For many, many reasons it is the best thing.  The active support you have received since then has been gratifying for me to see.  Tennesseans from every walk, from every strata of Tennessee have stepped forward.  Not only is Insure Tennessee the smart thing to do but it is the right thing to do.  It is Tennessee for all Tennesseans.

I knew there would be a fight and I am okay with that.  But in recent days I have read much and heard much that bothers me.  People whose judgement I trust tell me there is more than a little chance Insure Tennessee will never get to the point of an up or down vote in the legislature.  There is a chance they tell me it will die in a House committee.  Outrage doesnt begin to describe my reaction.

For a small group of people to still the voices of everyone is an attack on the integrity of Tennessee.  Regardless of how people feel about Insure Tennessee everyone should be for a straight up or down vote.  We are all victimized by less than that.

You are the Governor and this is now about so much more than Insure Tennessee (which you know is everything to me).  You have been asked to submit a plan and you have submitted a plan.  And for that plan not to receive full consideration of all the legislature is a robbery not just of your voice but that of every Tennessean.

I hope you will speak loudly to this issue and urge your supporters to do the same.  Tennessee for Tennesseans.  We all deserve that.  We deserve to hear the sense of the people and not just political maneuvers.

Until next time.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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