To the readers

Thanks to each and every person who has read this blog.  You have saved me.  This has been a year of extraordinary pain and suffering for Linda and me.  The hope of expansion kept us going.

When I talked to the Governors office last I asked them if they knew anything about Linda and me.  They said they had received hundreds and hundreds of calls or letters.  That was each and everyone of you.  Thank you.

This blog has served its purpose and barring extraordinary events will not return.  This will be the last post.

The battle shifts now to the legislature and I hope each and everyone will lend your voice in support of “Insure Tennessee.”  I know my voice will be loud.

It has been a long year.  I look forward to being home with my wife.

2 thoughts on “To the readers

  1. No dry eyes here at the Coalition. Larry and Linda – thank you for your courage, and your strength. Thank you for speaking the truth to power. Thank you for keeping all of us honest. Thank you for everyone who will be touched, and helped by Insure Tennessee!

  2. Larry and Linda, our hearts and thanks go out to you for standing up and speaking out. I hope this development will bring relief to you soon and to the thousands that have been suffering while this was being debated.

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