The 131st letter: my Christmas wish

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 131st letter to you.   When these letters started my goal was really simple.  I wanted you to agree to submit a plan for Tenn Care expansion to the legislature. Initially I was told the likelihood of that happening was close to nothing.  The political reality made it see an unlikely dream…

You have announced a final decision will be announced by Christmas and my hope is that you will announce a Tennessee Plan that will become a Tennessee reality.  Many people I know doubt your sincerity.  They think Christmas will simply bring more excuses about a failure “someone else is responsible for.”  My hope is they are wrong.

My hope is that the New year brings proof of a commitment that so far sadly lacking.  So much suffering, so much damage, so much hurt for so many people seems to have fallen curiously below the radar.  I hope that the coming year sees a Tennessee where no one is disposable and adequate and affordable health care a reality for all.  That is my Christmas wish.

I plan to continue writing you.  The combination of the approaching battle on Tenn Care expansion,  questions about Tenn Care funding in the budget,  and the many challenges facing the Tennessee Health care system mark the coming months as some of the most important in our history.  Your legacy as governor will be defined by how you deal with these issues.

On a personal note December 26 will mark the one year anniversary of mine and Linda’s separation, a separation borne out of your decision not to expand Tenn Care earlier.  I can never put into words what it has been like for us.

Until next time.

Yours truly,
Larry Drain

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