The 131st letter: Tenn Care expansion is a public health emergency

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 131st letter to you.

We have a public health emergency in Tennessee.  You already know that.  We rank 42nd in the United States.  Chronic health problems are rising.  The lack of access to medical treatment by so many is an integral part of that emergency.

I went to a public health forum at UT Medical Center yesterday and listened to expert after expert give the word and the word about so many things was so alarming.  I listened to a doctor from Scott County talk about what the lack of medical access meant to his county and it was scary.

When your medical system is the emergency room you dont have much of a medical system.  You get no preventive care, no screenings or tests and largely dont go until things are so bad you cant live with it. 

It is a preventable tragedy.  And it is costing us on every single level.  The health of Tennessee is your concern.  The speakers made very clear that poor public health affects all of us and the fabric of life in Tennessee.

Again it comes back to the same question.  It is not about some notion of what we can afford to do.  It is about a terrible reality of what we cant afford not to do.

Expand Tenn Care… Give us a Tennessee Plan that is more than words and wishful thinking.

Act now.

Until next time.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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