The 130th letter: take the money

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 130th letter to you.

A friend told me I was expecting too much of you.  He said that given the current climate it was naive to expect you would take the moral leadership on any core issues facing Tennessee, especially if that leadership involved taking a stand against a group like the tea party.  His view was real simple.  Take the money.  Good business demanded it.  Take the money.

His view was simple.  There was a limit to how much money hospitals could lose on uncompensated care and still remain functional.  Somewhere they would need to drastically tighten belts and failing that close their doors.  The tightening of belts would affect the quality of medical care for everyone regardless of having or not having insurance.  In the end everyone suffers.  The current crisis in rural health with so many hospitals in danger of closing was he felt a preview of what is to come for everyone.  Everyone in the end will pay he said.  There is no other options.  Without expansion it was he felt inevitable.  Bad business was bad for everyone in the end.  You can  choose to pay or not pay to solve problems.  You could not choose whether or not to pay the cost of the consequences of those problems unsolved.  The buck stops somewhere.

I tend to view your governorship as a moral charge given you.  My friend said he thought you viewed it more as a business responsibility.

Maybe he is right.  Do the smart thing. Take the money.  Expand Tenn care.

Until next time

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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