Bottom lines… lines: The story of Angela Hibbitt

Angela Hibbitt is a hero….an American hero.

Against overwhelming odds she has fashioned a meaningful, purposeful, successful life. Hers has been a triumph of character that should be shouted from the rooftops.

In order to save some money the state of Tennessee is sending her to a nursing home to die.

The post below tells her story. Despite muscular dystrophy and depending on a vent to breath she is a vital functioning member of her community. If you have a daughter she is what you hope she will grow up to be. But she is disposable. In Tennessee it is possible to cost too much and she does.

I salute her courage. There are far too many Tenn Care tragedies right now and I pray she finds resolution to hers and strength to deal with what is ahead.

In a state driven by its bottom line I fear we will lose our top line. In our drive to figure out what we can afford to do we have lost sight of what can’t afford to not do.

Peace be with you Angela Hibbitt. You have enriched my day.

TennCare’s bottom line could cost her everything
【from Next Browser】

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