The second 128th letter: The cost of the way we live

Dear Governor Haslam: 

This is my second 128th letter to you.

My wife spoke at the rally on the tenth.  One line really stood out.

“It is not just a matter of the cost of living, but of the cost of the way we live…”

She is right.  While I hear you talking so much about what you believe is the cost of expanding Medicaid I wonder if you have ever considered the cost of not expanding Medicaid….not just in the financial sense but to the kind of people we are, the  kind of society we are and the kind of state Tennessee has become.  The choices we as a state make affect the kind of state we can become.  Listen to those no one else listens to.  Expand Tenn Care.  Speak now.

Tennessee for Tennesseans.  It is long past time.

Until next time,

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

One thought on “The second 128th letter: The cost of the way we live

  1. Larry, I applaud your efforts on behalf of Tennesseans to attempt to prompt your Governor to accept the Medicaid expansion. As a social worker in California, I know we’ll the huge difference having health insurance makes to my patients. Your valiant efforts are the beginning of a movement and you gain the strength of your peers the more you persevere. Thank you Larry.

    Laurie Thompson, MSW

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