The 128th letter: No you dont

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 128th letter to you.

We came to see you on November 10th and I guess you werent home. People shared there stories and we delivered a petition to you. The petition had signatures of over 47,000 people, including people from virtually every town and city in Tennessee. Many of the people who signed also left comments which I hope you read. Most of them are directed towards you.

Michelle Fardan also talked. She told about how her daughter died from lack of insurance. She basically died from complications from a broken toe. A broken toe. How does someone in America, someone in Tennessee die from a broken toe? What have we come to? I would like to hear you explain to her how your decision not to expand Tenn Care was a good one, a responsible one, and an example of you doing what was best for the people of Tennessee.

Instead you got on TV and said you “understood where these people are coming from….” and you had to do what was best for Tennessee. You have no idea where these people are coming from. To even say you do indicates how little you do. Monika Farden died from politics as usual in Tennessee. It is time for you to listen to the people of Tennessee and it shouldnt be listening to the mothers after their children have died.

You dont know and until you listen you never will.

Expand Tenn Care. No more Monika Fardens. Expand Tenn Care now.

Until tomorrow,

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

Mother pleads for Medicaid expansion on behalf of dead daughter
【from Next Browser】

One thought on “The 128th letter: No you dont

  1. Larry,
    I read you might target the Tn. Legislature…A great idea…AND the Tn. U.S. Reps. They hate the ACA so much, they and their ACA haters closed down the gov. Thank you for keeping this issue alive and in the news.
    Governor Haslam must think it is best to deny healthcare to tens of thousands of Tennessee’s most vulnerable…This is a disgrace. This is sinful and unchristian, but they profess to be christians.
    Larry, we are dealing with people who think the poor choose to be poor…. That… if a person works years for a company and gets laid off, they deserve no unemployment benefits…
    I keep thinking this cannot stand, but people keep electing these people to office…Surely at some point, they will understand what they are doing to their own.

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