Defining the conversation

Something changed this past week.  Governor Haslam responded to something that was said.  His response was superficial and evasive, but he did respond.  His normal response to criticism of his refusal to expand Tenn Care is to ignore it and wait for it to go away.  This past Monday we came to the capital.  We had the signatures of 47000 people asking that Tenn Care be expanded.  We had the testimony of one mother whose daughter died from lack of insurance.  Hard to ignore.

It is time for us to seize the momentum and do what we have to do to define the conversation on Tenn Care expansion.  It is not only something we can afford to do, but something we cant afford to not do.  On every level, in every way it is a good decision.

But we have to speak.  We need gap voices.  We need every voice willing to speak up for the kind of place they want Tennessee to be.  There is someone you can talk to, someone you can encourage to talk.  Be part of saving lives.

Monika Farden died basically from complications from a broken toe.  In America.  In Tennessee.

If you havent spoken yet there will never be a better time.  If you have reach out to someone else and support their voice.  If you speak up and ask three others to speak up and each of them ask three others to speak and so on and so on and so on in a matter of a few days or weeks we could have a completely different conversation about Tenn Care expansion.

Be part of the conversation.  It is about who we are and the kind of state we want to become.  Speak now.

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