The 127th letter: GOVERNOR

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 127th letter to you.

You are governor again.  Congratulations to you.  I know you are glad you won.  My hope is we won too.

Second chances are rare and you have a great one.  You can define Tennessee as being for all Tennesseans. You can put an end to the idea that anyone is disposable. You can put an end to the idea that political ideology is more important than public service. You can define policy by long term solutions to problems rather than long term problems caused by misguided short term solutions. You can give all Tennesseans a chance to lead a healthy life. You can make sure socio-economic status is no longer a terminal illness for anyone. You can be a governor that saves lives instead of allowing some to die. You can be the legacy by which future governors are measured or you can be the curse they try to deliver us from.

Expand Tenn Care. It is that simple. Speak for those no one speaks for. The opportunity is there.

Until next time.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

One thought on “The 127th letter: GOVERNOR

  1. Larry…..Good luck on Monday. BUT…no doubt Haslam has been emboldened now that the U.S. Senate is in the hands of the GOP and they still want to repeal Obamacare (ACA). As you know, the Supreme Court has taken up the case to end subsidies to those lower income citizens. If they rule in favor of the Conservative challengers to the ACA subsidies, it will gut the ACA and take healthcare from millions. It is so ironic that the very poorest states who have the most citizens with no healthcare, are the states voting against Obama and FOR those that want to deny them healthcare. Voting against the very man who is trying to help them. Voting against their own interests. Good luck Dear and God bless you for all your hard work.

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