November 10

Please share the following press release with everyone you know particularly any media outlets.

For Immediate Release
November 4, 2014
Contact: Larry Drain

Rally to “Listen to the People”

Nashville, TN—It’s time to Listen to the People. More than 46,000 concerned supporters have signed Larry and Linda Drain’s petition asking Governor Haslam to accept federal funding to expand Medicaid in our state so that all Tennesseans have access to health care.   Right now, those who can afford insurance and those who qualify for existing TennCare have decent coverage.  But without Medicaid expansion, hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans remain uncovered, in the health care coverage Gap.

On November 10th at 11:00am on Legislative Plaza, Larry and Linda will lead a rally to ask our political leaders to listen to the people.  The Drains and their supporters will deliver over 46,000 signatures to Governor Bill Haslam requesting that he close the health care coverage Gap.

Larry and Linda have gained national attention by sharing their health struggles, their decision to separate in order to get care for Linda, and their frustrations with the healthcare coverage Gap.  The Drains had to give up their marriage to secure access to health care, and even so, only Linda has it.  That’s an outcome that legislators surely did not intend.  

Larry has written a letter to Governor Bill Haslam every day since May, hoping that the Governor will understand the impact that health care coverage gap has on the lives of so many Tennesseans. You can read Larry’s letters on his website at

Governor Haslam has yet to respond. 

It is time for our state leaders to listen to the people and hear our plea for Medicaid expansion in Tennessee. 

Join us November 10th to hear from Larry and Linda Drain and additional speakers whose lives are directly impacted by this decision.


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