Fear….. The fifth letter again

It is hard to share the experience of the coverage gap.  This early letter to Governor Haslam captures some of my experience.

Dear Governor Haslam,

This is my fifth letter to you.

It is about fear.  As much as anything else fear defines what it means to live without insurance:  fear of feeling bad, fear of needing medical care, fear of being told you need something for your health you cant buy, fear of going to the ER, fear of little diseases becoming big diseases, fear of not seeking help and hoping things will be okay, and a growing fear of the government and the growing conviction they think you cost too much and are really okay with you dying.

  I have no insurance and live in fear everyday.  I just dont understand how me being sick or even dying is something that has to happen so some politician can stand up and say he defends liberty.  I just dont get it.  How is denying me the care I need a defense of anyone’s liberty??  Governor Haslam can you explain that to me??  How can allowing poor people to get sick or even die be good for Tennessee??  I dont believe you can really believe really believe that.

What if your only possible response to serious illness was to die??  That is the reality for many.

Again I ask you to be the governor of all Tennesseans.  Please speak for me.

The biggest thing I fear is your silence.  The maintanence of illness for poor people should never be the policy of a decent people.

Please speak.  Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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