Define the conversation

Governor Haslam says he is not as “optimistic” about a Tennessee Plan as he was 6 weeks ago.  I take this to mean the federal government is unlikely to accept any proposed elements of the Tennessee Plan that violate or contradict federal law or regulation.  He is not going to be able to write the rules.  He is going to have to follow them.  If the condition of him fighting for Tenn Care expansion is for it to be an easy fight he is not going to make the fight.

The election has been in the strangest of circumstances the “dead period” (What kind of political system makes it off limits to talk about the most important issue to face for fear someone would have to take a stand on it?)  It is now time to define the conversation that will govern the decision on Tenn Care expansion.

The people who would have us vote no on Tenn Care expansion will try to make us believe that a no vote is the only way to save us from a federal menace that will lead us to chaos.  In face of all the facts to the contrary that is momentous argument to make but that has never stopped a politician yet.

The voice missing is ours.  It is time for Tennessee to be for Tennesseans regardless of their socioeconomic status and for politicians to talk to the people they work for.  Share your story and your concerns today.  Call your legislator and speak to him today.  You will only be heard if you speak.

You are invited to legislative plaza in Nashville on November 10.  Linda and I will be having a “Speak to the people” rally.  46000 people have spoke.  They have signed a petition urging Governor Haslam to expand Tenn Care and we will deliver that petition.  Other people in the coverage gap will be speaking.  We hope to see you there about 11am. Please share this post and spread the word.

Thanks a lot.

Larry and Linda

One thought on “Define the conversation

  1. We all will remember not to vote for him on Election Day. I will be working EMAIL and phone calls between now and Election Day.

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