On November 10th Linda and I are going to Nashville to see Governor Haslam.  We are calling it “Speak with the people.”  When I called to set up an appointment with him I was told that it was against his policy to talk with his constituents about Tenn Care expansion.  It is way past time for him to talk with his constituents.  We will be meeting at the legislative plaza at 11 am.  A variety of people in the coverage gap including Linda and I will be sharing our experiences and asking the Governor to finally talk to the people he works for.  YOU ARE INVITED.  PLEASE SAVE THE DATE AND SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW.


2 thoughts on “November 10..LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE

  1. Believe me I would go if I was able but due to cataracs I can’t drive and my husband with Dementa. I had a blood pressure reading of 147/ 104 pulse 74 the pulse is not bad but the othe is. I would appreciate anyone that could advocate for me with him. I don’t have income or Tenncare and got turned down. We are living on 966.00$ per month my husband having to buy my medicine.

  2. I’d LOVE to attend but finances prohibit!
    I too am struggling to survive on 721.00 a month!
    It’s sad that a local hospital has announced via letter that as of 12/31/14 it will NO LONGER accept united health care coverage!
    What can people do when they are disabled and not a close facility will accept what coverage they have?
    Maury regional medical center and it’s family of affiliates will cease to take americhoice as if 12/31/2014!
    WHAT are we supposed to do?

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