Dear Governor Haslam is going to go on hiatus for a couple of weeks at least.  Events will decide how long.  It may shorter or a little longer.

The reasons are simple:

1.  The focus of this blog was to get Haslam to propose an expansion of Tenn Care.  He now indicates he will do that.  That is certainly no promise and even more no promise that his proposal will not impose limits on people that make it problematic at best.  And he may back out and say there is no middle ground were the federal government will approve a plan he can sell to the state legislature.  No one knows.

2.  With this in mind I really don’t know what to say next.  Haslam’s actions will provide the context for what follows next.

3.  Writing this blog, these letters has been a marathon race and I can use the time to step away.  Reading back the tone of many of the later letters has been much more angry.  I can use the time to recharge batteries.

4.  Linda and I are going to Nashville on Nov 10 to see the governor.  This gives us a better chance to plan that event.

All really depends on the governor.

Thanks to everyone for their support.  In the short time we have been going over 5000 people follow this blog.  Our story has went viral.  Thousands of people have written the governor in support.  Most importantly others are starting to share their stories.  Tenn Care expansion has went from no chance to real chance.  Thanks to each one of you.

We will be back. I hope to celebrate good news.  But we will be back.

One thought on “Hiatus

  1. Your efforts have shown the way for an ongoing and growing effort to close the Gap. One hundred and twenty letters are quite a Work and you have made your point. I support your decision to take a break and plan for next steps. We need to get your letters already written out into the public domain more and more. Thanks again! Rich Henighan

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