The 121st letter: a long night

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 121st letter to you.

Linda was sick tonight.  Her headaches are often non stop now.  Somehow she copes and goes on.  I honestly don’t know how.  No medicine will help the doctors say.  She needs surgery but the surgery is dangerous, really dangerous and she is trying to learn to live with the pain.

It will be a long night.  I took her home and left her.  I had about a 20 mile ride.  She is alone.  And it is so wrong.

Expand Tenn Care.  We want our life back.  We deserve it.  I wish you had some skin in the game of making it happen.  I just don’t know you do.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

One thought on “The 121st letter: a long night

  1. Well it’s painfully OBVIOUS if you look that haslam was far more enthralled with the Dolly parton reading railroad program than he’s EVER been even once in tenncare expansion!
    Why as tennesseans do we elect these people that care very little, if at all, for the good of any of us citizens of tennessee.

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