The angle of repose

I had never heard of the angle of repose until tonight.  It is the last angle of stability, the last angle something can rest at before it becomes unstable and begins to move.  It is the angle at which the momentum to change becomes steadily irrestible. 

Several months ago the option of Tenn Care expansion was at its angle of repose.  It wasnt moving.  People said it was a waste of time.  Dont even talk about it.  The odds against Tenn Care expansion seemed akin to those of winning the lottery.

Something happened.  Many somethings happened actually.  Each of them were probably like pebbles against a big rock, but together they started a landslide strong enough to move the biggest rock and the unthinkable is becoming the most likely.  A tipping point has been reached.

A  important part of this has been voice…actually thousands and thousands of voices.  Letters, calls, and emails probably in the thousands have left an administration that wouldnt listen to individuals with no choice but to listen to everyone.

And it is so vital now to raise the volume higher.  It is time for feet to be held to the fire and endless repeats of a simple idea:  make the Tennessee plan for Tennesseans.  

It is time to define the conversation that the legislature will join when they return in January.  Speak.  Speak loud.  Speak often.  Bill Haslam may choose not to speak to you.  You can most decidedly choose to speak to him.

His angle of repose is gone.  Bout time.

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