The 115th letter: Do you really know enough

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 115th letter to you.

I talked with Don Johnson your director of constituent affairs. He was very polite and courteous to me and I appreciate his effort very much. It was very nice to have someone from your office listen.

He tells me that you will not talk to me. He says (and this is my take on what he said) that basically you have made the decision to press for expansion and that you knew what you needed to know and you didnt see how talking to me would change things or add anything. It would change things for me but perhaps that is not that important in your scheme of things. 15-20 minutes does not seem that much in light of the last 9 months. I simply dont believe you couldnt make that time. I just dont. I have asked Mr. Johnson to ask you to reconsider. I hope you will talk to him.

I dont buy your line. I think you are afraid to talk to people you dont control. You didnt talk to people before your decision and know you are saying you dont need to. Just seems convenient.

You dont need people to share facts with you. You need to have them share your experiences, their stories. You will need them in your next battles with the legislature. This is so much more than numbers. There is more to facts than the facts. And you dont know. You cant know. You havent been there. You dont even live in the same world.

You dont know:

What it is like to fear the representatives you elected….

What it is like to spend 4 hours waiting in an ER for an ordinary medical complaint.

To be prescribed medicine you cant fill.

To know if you are really sick the lack of medical access may kill you.

To worry how you will get help for a family member who is sick.

To owe thousands of dollars to the local ER that you will never be able to pay.

To listen to politicians tell your biggest problem is being lazy.

Their is much you need to know you dont. You could learn from us. We deserve the chance to be heard.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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