The 110th letter: questions for you

This is my 110th letter to you.

I have a lot of questions for you.  You don’t really seem to want to talk to me and the longer you don’t the more things I think of I would like to know.

1. Was there or is there a definable, concrete Tennessee plan? If someone asked for a copy does someone have one they could share?
2. How much influence does Darrin Gordon have not over Tenn Care operations, but Tenn Care policy?
3. What personal values guide your health care policy for Tennessee?
4. What are you going to do if the Tea Party says no to Tenn Care expansion?  What do you see as your options?
5. How do you plan to sell Tenn Care to the legislature?
6.  How do you think people in the coverage gap should deal with their lack of insurance?
7.  What are the positives of Tenn Care expansion in your eyes?  Why don’t you talk about them?
8.  Is health care a human right?
9. Do you think it is right for Tenn Care officials to complain about the federal web site when they can’t even get a state web site up?
10.  If a young child asked you why poor people don’t have insurance what would you tell them?
11. You are a big one for improving the economy in Tennessee.  Tenn Care expansion would bring 22000 jobs.  How do you justify turning your back on those jobs?
12. Why don’t you talk to people in the coverage gap?
13. You know that some people without insurance will die because of their lack of access to health care.  How do you personally deal with that?
14. What do you think about how Medicaid expansion has worked in adjoining state’s like Kentucky?
15. If you had the whole Tenn Care expansion thing to do again what would you do different?
16. Is the ACA here to stay?
17. Why haven’t you even acknowledged a single letter I have written you?
18. What stops you from talking to me?
19.  Will Tenn Care be expanded?  What does your gut tell you?

There are probably a thousand other questions.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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