The 107th letter: Questions to legislators

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 107th letter to you.

Questions to legislators

1.  What do you see as the fundamental issue about Tenn Care expansion?
2. What do you believe are the short term and long term costs of not expanding Tenn Care for the state of Tennessee?
3. People die and get sick without insurance.  A lot of people.  Families are impacted.  Communities are impacted.  What justification do you see in any of this?  What is so important that we are justified in letting people die because of it.
4. How does the lack of Tenn Care expansion affect the community you live in?
5. Can hospitals survive, particularly rural hospitals and hospitals in small communities, survive without Tenn Care expansion?
6.  In the end does the lack of Tenn Care expansion not affect the quality of medical care for everyone?
7.  When there is the opportunity do the people in Tennessee have the right to expect the federal taxes they pay be spent in Tennessee?  Is the refusal to even consider this not an act of violence towards the people in Tennessee?
8.  Has Bill Haslam shown leadership on the issue of Tenn Care expansion?  Have his actions been a result of moral convictions or political expediency?
9. What do you believe are the most common reasons that people do not have insurance?
10.  Does the Tea Party dictate health care policy in the state of Tennessee?  How do they control it?  Should they?
11.  Studies show Tenn Care expansion would create 22000 full or part time jobs.  How can we afford to turn this down?
12.  Do you believe health care reform can even exist in this state if the most needy people in the state do not have access?
13.  Has not virtually every horror story or disaster prediction about the ACA proven false?
14.  Do you believe that Medicaid expansion is working in state’s like Kentucky that have similar conditions to Tennessee?  Why can’t it work in Tennessee?
15.  What do you think you should do with the issue of Tenn Care expansion?  What are you doing now?
16.  What would you like to see from Bill Haslam?  What do you tell him about Tenn Care expansion?
17.  If you had a chance to meet with the people in your district in the coverage gap would you?  What would you tell them?  What do you think they would say to you?
18.  Have you ever been without health insurance?  Do you know anyone right now in the coverage gap? 
19.  If you got a chance to talk with the family of someone in your district that died from lack of health care would you?  What would you say?
20.  If someone from another state asked you to explain the Tennessee approach to Tenn Care expansion what would you say?

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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