The 106th letter: Who would Jesus add?

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 106th letter to you.

We have an old bumper sticker on our car…. a remnant of time with Governor Bredesen.  It reads, “Tenn Care who would Jesus cut?”  I cant begin to tell you in the last few years how many conversations that bumper sticker has started.

Whether or not you share the Christian faith or not what I like most about the sticker is that it clearly identifies the question as fundamentally a moral question.  The issue is not how can you afford but how can you afford not to.

It is the issue of what is a given, what you must do because of what is important and what you are committed to that is so important.  I dont think you see insurance for poor people as a moral imperative.  I wish I did but I dont.  We fight for what is important and you havent. 

I have heard you are a person of faith.  Jesus would fight.  Governor my question to you is simple.  Tenn Care-  Who would Jesus add?

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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