The second hundred letters: 1

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is the begining of the second hundred letters. I hope we will never get to the beginning of the third hundred letters.

The editorial below asks a question thousands of Tennesseans have been asking for many months. How long will the Tennessee government be defined by its stupidity??

Darrin Gordon evidently thought being surly and dismissive was the best way to work out problems. Abrasiveness doesnt work with people who are not impressed by attitude and hold you responsible for doing your job. Blaming others for what you chose not to do is not very persuasive either. And to try to blame the federal website instead of taking responsibility for the one you havent been able to even get up is hypocrisy even a third grader can recognize.

This is a no brainer. A simple no brainer. On whatever level you want to argue it is a no brainer. The facts are simply overwhelming. And while you and the legislature have treated political ideology as more important than the facts you have neglected the largest and most important fact– thousands of Tennesseans are suffering and suffering a lot. You are hurting the people you serve for political convenience. And the bill is coming due on every level.

Expand Tenn Care. It is far past time.

In the next letter I will resume sharing the names that have spoken against you. Listen please.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

State’s court dependency will cost us again with TennCare | Mobile TFP
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