A personal note

It has been a long, very long nine months for us.  So many people have been so very nice and so supportive to us and there is so very much to be grateful for.  Some of the best things have happened to us in the last months.

But much has been lost and in fundamental ways life has been forever changed.  We have worked harder at life than ever before in our lives.  Crisis has seemed more normal than normal.  And more than one time we didnt know if we would survive. 

I started writing the governor with no intention of it being a long term thing.  Initially it was probably more for me than anything else.  It was sanity in insane times.  It was standing up when everything was knocking me down.

I only wish the letters were as important to Governor Haslam as they were to so many others. I hope we were at least a small part of helping voices not heard heard for the first time. A lot of people have said we were. I hope so.

Chaos has become the most stable part of our lives. It is scary to realize that if things go very well it will be 2016 until things change for us. It seems such a long time. And the very real truth is that things may not go well.

Ours is no where close to the worst story and ours is not the hardest life. I stand in awe of the courage of so many facing so much.

Voice matters. Ordinary people matter. You matter. We matter. And it matters that we speak. We will. I encourage you to do the same for as a long ago friend said, “We are people and this is wrong….” You cant control who listens or what is heard….Only what is said.

If you are a praying kind of a person we would appreciate if you have a moment to speak for us. The support given has meant everything. We seek second wind. The most important fight is ahead.

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