Just another letter

Dear Governor Haslam:

This one doesnt have a number or a name. It is just another letter.

The 100th letter should be done in a couple more days. It has become more involved than I anticipated. I had planned in the letter to list all the names of the people I can find that have contacted you in some way to ask you to extend Tenn Care. Right now I have close to 1200 names. I had originally planned to put all these names in that letter but decided that was overkill. I will probably share them about 200 a time over several letters. I am afraid that too many names at a time make it easy not to read any and all these names deserve to be read.

But none of that is the purpose of this letter. I have struggled with your announcement of your intention to submit a plan to expand Tenn Care to the General Assembly. My first reaction was exhilaration and that is still part of the way I feel but

You made a substantial contribution to the mess we are in. You backed away from a fight you could have won because it was a difficult fight to make in the spring. You have ignored the cries of thousands of people for help. You dont talk to ordinary people you think will confront you. Tenn Care according to CMS is struggling with just being legal. It is a hypocritical joke that you complain about the healthcare.gov website when Tennessee cant even get a website up. Saying you are going to do better is not the same as doing better. And it doesnt change anything at all about the misery you have caused.

When you do something and you do something that matters my plan is to support you in that effort. My biggest disappointment in you was the tea party said jump and you said how high. If you had made the earlier fight and lost the fight to come would have been easier.

Governor nothing you have said changes one thing for me. My visit to the ER this weekend left me without bad news. My anxiety there was really not about what might be wrong but what I would do if something was wrong. I still dont know. What about all the people without insurance who go to the ER and do get bad news?? What about them?

The fight ahead is months long. I hope you are up to it. It is not really a political battle although it will be fought as one. It is a moral battle being fought for the lives of people who have no where else to turn and a spiritual battle for the soul of this state. Never forget that.

Until the 100th letter.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

One thought on “Just another letter

  1. Mr. Larry drain please add 2 more names on this growing list of misery..
    Mr Dennis Hagood
    Mr Johnathan Blake Hagood
    My son Johnathan cannot get insurance due to his being caught in the “HASLAM chasm ”
    He needs insurance like oh so many others, and like those same people, he cannot afford it!!!

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