A Second 97th letter: the news on medicaid expansion

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my second 97th letter to you and one of the most important ones in light of last nights news.

The Governor of Pennsylvania announced that he is expanding medicaid to over 500,000 people. Last night you announced your commitment to submitting a plan for Tenn Care expansion to the federal government this fall. To put it mildly I was pleased but:

More than ever it is important that you act quickly. Millions of dollars are being lost each day and thousands of people face health issues and risks they should not have to face. Do not tell people the boat is coming and then let them die waiting. Your commitment to act is also a commitment to act quickly. I hope you recognize that.

I hope your commitment to submit a plan means you already have a plan and not that you have decided to devise one. I hope you will make public where that stands. You have already had a long time to “plan”. You have to basically know what will fly with the federal government and what wont fly. YOUR STATEMENT LAST NIGHT DOES NOT GIVE YOU MORE TIME. IT GIVES YOU LESS.

It is time….WHAT IS THE TENNESSEE PLAN? Many people more than ever are wondering if this is simply a political maneuver to deflect attention and pressure. Some people believe it is your response to the lawsuit Tennessee faces. You need to follow up and reach out. This is not the time to retreat behind a wall of secrecy.

You have the fight of your political life ahead if you really do this. You know that. Call on the people to support you. Give them a plan that matters and a governor worth following and I think they will. I hope you have the grit for what is ahead.

In the previous post I talked about wondering when you would decide you were my governor too. I hope this means you have made that decision.

On a personal note: For the first time in a long time I am hopeful that my wife and I may be able to live together again. This has been a forever nightmare for us and part of keeping sane has been learning to live like it is forever. Please dont let us down. Please dont let us down.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

Half A Million More Americans To Get Health Care As GOP Gov Caves – http://huff.to/1tPeNMk

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