Governor Haslam: from Todd Shelton

Dear Governor Haslam,
I appreciated your responding on July 18th, to my letter. It ask you to “fill the gap” in Tennessee health insurance by getting on board with other states accepting “medicaid expansion” throughout the Affordable Care Act.
You made a statement that “The Affordable Care Act will cost Tennesseans almost $2 billion over the next eight years, even without adding any additional people to the rolls.” All of the figures I see have income producing figures for the state. These figures  would have the state spending a 200 million dollars while getting in return over a billion dollars a year in direct payments from the federal government and a huge tax increase from the 5 1/2 % tax on each insurance policy sold through the ACA. This also includes the approx. $50 million dollars a year the state saves due to the ending CoverKids, Access TN and Cover RX. And these figures don’t show the millions that the state got to prepare itself for the ACA and medicaid expansion.
The figures I get from the HCFA Budget FY2014 at, U.S> Census Bureau 2012 Small Area health Insurance Estimates and reform and others show that up through 2019, the state will pay out approx. 200 million dollars while receiving some 6 billion dollars in federal revenue and savings. This doesn’t even figure in the huge job boost and spending boost in the health care industry that occurs as 100 of thousands of Tennesseans get health Insurance who don’t have it now.
What I am asking is that you show us your figures that you are working with. I would be glad to show you mine. Yours have to be public but I can’t find them. Maybe both of our figures are a little off but we should get that worked out, especially if I am closer to correct than you. It would make a lot difference to hundreds if thousands of Tennesseans who don’t have insurance right now.
I look forward to you response,
Todd Shelton

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