To the readers

The 100th letter is approaching.  If you have written the governor would you please consider sharing your name with me.  I would like to share your name in that letter and send it to every member of the legislature.  Please share this request widely.  I know many people have done a lot.  Tentatively Linda and I are going to see the governor on October 10.  If you have a letter you would like us to hand deliver at that time we would be honored.  Please, please share widely.

2 thoughts on “To the readers

  1. I wrote NUMEROUS TIMES and called as well as my husband to speak to dear old DON JOHNSON, only to be told that it was, “being debated ” and that it was just the way it was.losing ssi and my Medicaid which caused a separation. My son, 26, also needs Medicaid but like hundreds of thousands of people in this state, won’t be able to get Tncare Medicaid because HASLAM and dear old RAMSEY stand blocking any expansion we could’ve hoped for!
    Tennessee is becoming known as stupid due to HASLAM and his minions!
    Larry, please add our names to your letter
    Dennis, Mary and Johnathan Hagood

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