The 91st letter: Federal funds

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 91st letter to you.

Tennessee makes about 10 billion dollars a year in tax revenue.  Our budget is about 33 billion dollars.  23 billion dollars comes from federal funds.  We trust that money is going to be there.  Without it there would be no Tennessee as we know it.

Why is the federal money for Tenn Care expansion any different?  This money at least has a promise to it.  Many of the other funds we depend on have to be redone every year.


It is not as many would have us believe a financial issue or even a trust issue.  We trust the federal government each and every day.  Regardless of the rhettoric.  Regardless of the fancy talk.  If a Tea Party Candidate succeeded you and decided to teach Washington  a  lesson they would destroy Tennessee.  Our existence is  predicated on an every day trust of the federal government and has been for years.

What is so different about medicaid expansion dollars?  It is, I think, without a ideological and political convenience to protest the danger of accepting federal dollars for expansion.  You know this.  Please be honest.

Open the conversation on Tenn Care expansion.

Until tomorrow. 

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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