The 90th letter: 25

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 90th letter to you.

In a few minutes I will take Linda “home.”  It is a 25 mile trip.  The trip home without her is far, far more than 25 miles.

Here are my 25 top reasons to expand Tenn Care.  One for each mile.

1.  Health care is a human right.  To deny people access to life and health is a violation of all of us.
2.  No one should have to worry about the consequences of treatable illnesses.
3.  Tennessee does not gain from the death or sickness of its citizens.
4.  Not giving over 160,000 people access to health care effectively disenfranchises and impoverishes them.  It is an act of violence towards the most vulnerable people in our community.
5. It is the law.  People in Tennessee should not suffer because people in power do not like who the president is.
6.  It works.  Story after story from states that did expand say it works on every level.
7. It creates jobs and jobs and jobs.  It is a major boost to an economy needing a boost.
8.  It will help hospitals that are having real trouble financially because of uncompensated care.
9.  It will help local communities who right now are having to bear the costs of their citizens without care being sick.  When Tennessee refuses Maryville has no choice.  They pay.
10.  It is Tennessee tax payer money.  Tennessee tax payer.  Why should it go to other states.
11.  Thousands and thousands of people with disabilities in Tennessee have no access to insurance.  How can that happen?
12.  80,000 people with mental illness in Tennessee have no access to treatment because they lack insurance.  Our jails and homeless shelters are filling.  If we dont help people who need help what does that mean about us?
13.  Many, many people without insurance are people who have worked their entire lives.  They have not failed the system.  It has failed them.
14.  People who are tragically and terminally ill deserve the right to die with dignity irrespective of their financial status.
15.  The lack of access to health care is destroying families in this state every day.
16.  We have already lost millions of dollars.  How much more must we lose?
17.  In a state that prides itself on being pro life it is the most pro life thing we can do.
18.  It would help to make people feel like justice and compassion matter to those who make decisions in Tennessee.
19.  It would recognize that all Tennesseans do not support or agree with the tea party.
20.  It would allow me to live with my wife.  Tennessee should not be in the business of destroying marriages.
21.  It is simply the only fair option.
22.  If we let people die or suffer because they are financially inconvient what does it say about the character of our state.
23.  Our government should not be the greatest threat in our lives.
24.  We need to for each of us for all the reasons above and more.
25.  Jesus would.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

One thought on “The 90th letter: 25

  1. As a poor person living in rural west Tennessee, I understand your plight 100%. I am all in for the struggle because health care is a right for all people.

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