The 83rd letter: Speak

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 83rd letter to you.


Publicly and honestly talk to the people affected by your decisions.  You seem to have insulated yourself from that.  In the beginning of your adminstration I heard so much about customer service.  The people I know who work for you all talked about it as being the core of their job.  Where is the customer service in your office?

If you read about the plaintiffs in the TennCare lawsuit the stories are horrendous and so unnecessary.  You may be able to legal your way out of it.  We both know that what is legal and what is right are not the same thing.  But the moral charge will not be so easy.  When you first became governor I heard a lot of people being very glad because they thought you might bring a level of moral accountability that had thought was lacking.  You presented yourself as principles first and politics second.  I seldom hear anyone talk about your integrity anymore.

On the one hand you have the tea party folks who basically put up with you because they dont have an electable option right now and everyone else who is horrified by the lengths to which you go to make sure they dont search for an electable option.  You have went from being a leader to the politician in charge.  And that is so very sad.

Speak with people.  Nobody wants you to talk to them.  Everyone in the state who is at all concerned with health care has a copy of your form letter.  It is the same one you have been sending out for a long time.  It is not enough.  Take the initiative and open the conversation.  It is not the worst thing you can do.  It is the best.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

One thought on “The 83rd letter: Speak

  1. Old Goofy grinning bill isn’t listening, hearing or heeding the desperaty that We as poor Tennesseans are not only in, but facing daily.
    Can’t afford to buy food pay bills and get healthcare.. What are we supposed to do???
    HASLAM would love it if we just DIED!!!

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