A second 83rd letter: making the decision for Tenn Care

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my second 83rd letter to you.

You seem to have such a hard time deciding what to do about Tenn Care.  I would like to share with you the questions I would ask if it was me in your position.

1.  Is it the right thing to do?  Giving poor people a chance to remain healthy and live a quality life is the right thing to do.  Is health care reform that is not about the poor really health care reform?  It is the only moral choice.

2.  Can I afford it?  The testimony is all around you.  It works.  The financial payoffs come in literally a million ways.  A healthier Tennessee is good financial sense.  I know you have seen so many studies that show this.  We are literally turning down a gold mine.  It creates jobs.  It is a powerful stimulus to the economy.  How can we afford not to do it.

3.  Can I make it happen?  It will be a battle but you already have a lot of untapped support in the legislature.  More and more people are speaking out.  You are the governor.  The only thing lacking is your decision and effort.

4.  What will happen if I dont try?  Everything, everything, everything will get worse.  What kind of solution to public policy accepts as the legitimate consequence of the action the death or ruined lives of large amounts of the people it claims to represent??  Governor it is barbaric to do anything else.

Please try.  We need you to be the governor.  You are the only one we have.

Until tomorrow.

Larry Drain

One thought on “A second 83rd letter: making the decision for Tenn Care

  1. Yes you said one correct thing…. We desperately need a governor to do his job!
    This spineless thing we’ve got now is racist and cannot stand us poor folk

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