The 82nd letter: YOU HAD THE VOTES

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 82nd letter to you and I am more that a little bit ANGRY.

I returned from Nashville this weekend and while there talked to someone who knows a lot about legislation, tenn care and about how that issue has played out in the legislature.

He tells me you had the votes!!!  When the members of the legislature last year were polled there was enough support for Tenn Care expansion for it to pass.  The only thing they asked was that you supply the leadership.  If you asked they were willing to say yes.  Without you they felt like it was untenable and were unwilling to take the risk.  But you had the votes.

I cant begin to tell you how angry that makes me.  You have an option that is the right thing to do, that state after state has found is a profound economic boon, and that you have the power to make happen.  You have wrapped yourself in a Tennessee Plan that no one else even knows.  And your whole posture has been frantic political maneuvering to avoid making the tea party wing of the party mad.  You are the governor.  It is time someone tell you.  You seem strangely unaware of that.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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