The 80th letter: The lazy lie

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 80th letter to you.

There is a huge, huge, gigantic lie being told about the people in the coverage gap: the lazy lie. It says that those who are seeking coverage are congentially lazy people seeking something they havent earned and if they just got a job it would be okay.  Governor it is basically what you are saying when you say people need to “have skin in the came.”

The article below unmasks the lie.  Working poor are still working poor.  The too poor are still too poor. 34000 work in food services.  31000 work in construction.  26000  work in cleaning and maintanence.  Governor read the article.  The numbers are clear and convincing.  The coverage gap as being about lazy shiftless people is a myth.  Now is the time to start being realistic.

Start the conversation.  Expand TennCare.  Now.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly, 

Larry Drain

One thought on “The 80th letter: The lazy lie

  1. This is a ridiculous mess when poor people have to do and go without basic needs such as health care coverage because our stupid so called GOVERNOR won’t heed the cries of the state’s poorest people who r not lazy!

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