The 78th letter: when words dont mean what words mean

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 78th letter to you.

Do you ever get confused by the ways we use words?  I do.

Freedom-  the protection of people’s inability to access life needed medical care.  “The federal government is about taking away our choices to have health care.”  (People with health care are the only ones who ever say that.)

Financial responsibility-  states passing the bills for uninsured people to local communities and hospitals.  “The state has the responsibility to responsibly manage its resources.”  (When a politician tells you he is saving money watch his hands carefully lest you find he has handed you the bill)

Protecting taxpayers-  Making sure that Tennessee taxpayers dont have to worry about their federal tax dollars being spent in Tennessee benefitting Tennesseans.

Justice-  making sure that poor people dont get anything they havent earned.  If they dont pay for the medical care that saves their lives how will they ever appreciate it? (Am I the only one who thinks rich people getting things they havent earned is a far bigger problem than any health care that might go to an “undeserving” poor person.)

Courage-  What legislators do who stand up to Obama and say “You cant push us around.  You cant make us give health care to the poor.”  (I am still waiting for the first one to give up their insurance to show their solidarity with all the poor people being oppressed by Obamacare.)

Honesty-  now defined as anything the tea party agrees with.

These are only a few of the things that confuse me….Oh one more.

Plan-  an invisible, unseen, unknown thing that keeps people from making decisions they dont want to make.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly

Larry Drain

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