The 63rd letter: And the trouble you are in

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 63rd letter to you.

You are in trouble. I think you know that. You have to come up with an answer to over 160000 Tennesseans on Tenn Care. More and more it is becoming obvious that they will not go away and that the growing suffering in Tennessee goes past party lines. The recent appeals court decision if it goes to the Supreme Court and is upheld would put thousands of other Tennesseans out of insurance. You are the one who made the decision not to have a state exchange. Now today comes news of a major law suit being filed. Your administration has been caught with their pants down.

Perhaps it has changed just a little. At one time I think the main question was rather or not you could avoid making the Tea Party mad. If things keep going the way they are going and you do nothing to get on the top of the situation you will soon have to find out how much the Tea Party can protect you.

Governor when I first started writing you I think the whole question of health care reform was basically dead in Tennessee. It is now alive and very alive. You have to act. Thinking it over or trying and blaming the federal government for why it doesnt work out is more and more just an empty gesture. You are driving the boat and we are hitting the icebergs. It is on you. The particulars of the law suit make that very obvious. The ball has dropped so many times it thinks it belongs on the floor.

I will give you a piece of unsolicited advice. The one common element in all this choices is Darrin Gordon. His antagonistic response to the federal government letter probably triggered the law suit. With him at the helm no one is really going to believe that Tenn Care will ever work honestly and openly with anyone. You might consider other options, particularly if you want to work out of the current impasse.

Governor if it seems to you like things are getting worse they are. You are on a very dangerous road. Turn. A lot of folks are wondering what it would be like if they were as important as all the Darrin Gordons and Tea Party folks and all the other people who now have your ear. People want to be for you. But you must first be for them.

Act now.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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