The 62nd letter: Make an effort to see

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 62nd letter to you.

I think your biggest failure as a governor is your unwillingness to listen to people who might put you at political risk.  The people in the coverage gap offer little advantage to you and lots of risk.  Juggling “concern” for people with no insurance with the very real threat of the Tea Party attacking you for trying to help them has to be exhausting.  But I have to tell the “I’m trying” stuff is ringing more and more hollow.  Pointing fingers at the federal government when you have never even turned in a medicaid waiver and when they have reached agreement with so many other states who also have conservative governors makes you look worse and worse.  It astounds me that no one in Tennessee even knows what the Tennessee plan is.  NSA is not this secretive.

You have to choose.  You must either choose to fight the Tea Party or choose to abandon over 160000 Tennesseans to their fate.  Talk about “right to life”.  Talk about “capital punishment.”  Either take a chance and fight the anger of the tea party or know that you will go down as the governor who made a conscious planned decision to desert his own people to protect his own political ambitions.  I dont mean to be insulting but I think the choices are that simple.

I met a very sick lady in Knoxville in the last couple of days.  She told me that she liked you being her mayor and she wished you were also her governor.  She is waiting.  Me too.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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