The 60th letter : two months

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is the 60th letter to you.

If the studies are correct 50 people have died in Tennessee for lack of insurance since I started writing you. Around 25 will die in the next 30 days. Still another 25 will be dead by my birthday in September. It could be more, perhaps a lot more since I am figuring on the low end of what the study says.

I really wish you were like a militiary commander and had to write the families of those on your watch.

Hopefully the next two monhs will bring better news.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

2 thoughts on “The 60th letter : two months

  1. Hey, Larry, can I add another pending death to your sad truths in this letter to the Governor. A very ill 64 year old grandmother, whose income is $550 per month and NO insurance was admitted to your county’s For Profit Hospital and allowed to stay until this past Friday, then sent home because she could not pay her bill. But, this hospital did find some emergency insurance to pay for her HOSPICE care….so much for compassion, eh? Keep on writing, Larry.

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