One thought on “Lost Funding Could Shutter 80 TN Community Health Clinics

  1. Governor Haslam,
    I have to tell you that more and more people are realizing that state finances are one of the reasons to complete the implementation of the Affordable Care Act by implementing Medicaid Expansion, not the reason for not implementing Medicaid Expansion.
    Folks are learning that your government received millions of dollars from the federal government to consider and do preliminary work on a state exchange which you chose not to do but spent the money. There was moe money sent to the state as precursor to implement Medicaid Expansion (ME). We did not implement ME but kept the money. All this time the state government has been complaining about the future cost of ME and even the entire ACA. At the same time other money’s were coming into the state fr the federal goverent a ACA to create more primary care centers and other services that will be needed as enrollment in the Market Place happens.
    So more and more Monet has come into the state and the state has taken it and a lot of us are wondering what really happened to it. And at the same time all we hear is how much of a risk ME is to our budget and how the ACA is financial risk to the state. More people are wondering about why MC was not accepted when the state will receive around or over 1 billion a year or 100% of the cost of ME for the first three years. In that time more demand will be placed on out health care system due to the increase in enrollment and an infusion of money will go into the state economy from professionals having to hire more health provider people and offices growing to cover the influx and primary care centers being built and pharmaceutical companies growing, medical supply companies growing and more people being hired at every level.
    People are wondering why you would pass up this kind of long term stimulation to the state economy. People are just realizing that the state and it’s people have just lost over 500,000,000 dollars already this year because we did not accept Medicaid Expansion (ME).
    Now we here that the primary health facilities that we established in the last 4 years thanks to ACA money are going to possible shut down due no ME patients.
    And oh yeah, folks are learning that after the first tree years (two for us, if we sign up soon)Tennessee will never be responsible for more than 10% of the cost of ME . This is a much better deal than we get with Tenn Care from the federal government and no the federal government has never backed out on that commitment.
    People are also finding out that the state government will receive its business insurance tax from all the policies that are gained from ME and the Market place across the state which translates into millions of dollars. Folks are wondering why you still maintain this is a bad deal. A lot if folks are starting to question your motives and the truth of you statements.
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