Dear Governor Haslam: from Wisconsin

To Governor Haslam,
I am not a resident of Tennessee, and I have to say, I am extremely grateful for that fact. It is absolutely astonishing and utterly horrific that law-abiding and hard-working citizens in this country, in your very state, have to choose between health care to LIVE and all but ending a marriage. The people of Tennessee chose YOU to represent them, YOU to be their voice, and YOU to act in their best interests. The fact that Larry Drain has contacted you for 48 consecutive days and you have yet to reach out to him in any way is a complete failure on your part as a representative of the very people you took an oath to serve. And it is shameful.
Regardless of how you (or anyone for that matter) define marriage, we should look to those that have committed their lives to each other and managed to navigate the joys and hardships for so many years, finding a way to work together and remain the best of friends and deepest of loves, as inspiration for us all. Forcing them to separate because they are considered to earn too much income for assistance or Medicare is not only fundamentally wrong, but morally as well.
Knowing there is this perfect storm that people can fall into and ultimately have to make a decision to sacrifice their health or their marriage is unacceptable, but is something that you have the power to change. I understand that decisions have to be made, but for the sake of your constituents, and possibly your future in politics, I implore you to make the right decision. As an elected official, history will hold your name in it’s books, but it will be up to you to determine the legacy that you leave behind.

Cheryl R.
Resident of Wisconsin

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