The 46th letter: When is Tennessee going to be for Tennesseans

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 46th letter to you.

The article below leaves me very sad.  When is Tennessee going to be for Tennesseans?  The state response to people needing Tenn Care is not okay.  What are you doing?  Where is your customer service? Please speak out about how you think people should be treated and how you plan to make it happen.  Tennessee is better than this.

Until tomorrow,

Larry Drain

From Tennessean

Feds give Tennessee 10 days to address ACA failures

The federal director of Medicaid programs has put Tennessee on notice that it has failed to provide services for people as required by the Affordable Care Act and is giving the state 10 days to submit a correction plan. The crux of the problem is delays with bringing a $35 million computer system online. However, Tennessee is also criticized for not providing people with face-to-face help in applying and for not setting up a program that allows hospitals to temporarily enroll people in Medicaid if they are presumed eligible. With this year’s full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Tennessee stopped providing state personnel to help people sign up for Medicaid and, instead, began directing them to use, the federal health exchange.

2 thoughts on “The 46th letter: When is Tennessee going to be for Tennesseans

  1. Dear Governor Haslam,

    I am asking you like so many other Tennesseans to accept medicaid expansion from the federal government. It is from the federal government by way of our federal taxes.
    I understand the money situation and there is very little risk to our budget. On the contrary, the ACA is and will continue to be a huge stimulus to our economy. The job created alone will put millions in our tax coffers
    As I watch headlines saying that teachers will not get their promised raise, that the tuition of state learning institutions will go up significantly while service will go down and many other state budget problems; I know you understand the tremendous benefit that the ACA medicaid expansion which fills the gap of uninsured would create the most significant boom to our economy over the next 10 years than any thing else out there.
    So the only reason you aren’t really promoting medicaid expansion is because of your political fears. I ask you to think abut making new friends and quit living in fear of your old “friends”. You have to be realizing what this is going to look like in 3 years after other states begin to really reap the benefits of the full ACA and Tennessee citizens are struggling more than ever.
    Folks need to “get over Obama Care” and help it be successful for the good that it is designed to do. Those that use the ACA and help improve it are going to be on the winning political side.
    Please do what is best for all of us in Tennessee. Get medicaid expansion going for our state and fill the gap and bring in the money.
    Todd Shelton

  2. Your posts are flying around the internet on many different progressive site. Many of us are asking the question – did you vote Republican? I certainly hope not. I sympathize with your plight, and know so many who work full time that are in this situation. It’s time for single payer or Medicare for All. But as long as people keep pressing the button with the R next to it, it will only get worse. We’re all hoping your situation gets better, and that Ron Ramsey (the real gov) and his ilk get voted out, so people will be placed before corporate profit and lies.

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