2 thoughts on “Forced To Separate For Health Insurance

  1. I am disappointed more in the state of TN than in the governor, the people should demand more regardless of what the governor wants. TN is fortunate enough to have some of the best medical facilities and specialists in the country, you’d think they would want more people to have access to that.

  2. Dear Governor Haslam,

    What a great thing you’re doing for Tennessee and your constituents. You’re forcing people like Larry and Linda Drain into profound poverty and illness. Now how exactly does a situation like theirs ( and there are thousands more) HELP and/or improve America? ( or even just good ‘ol Tennessee, since you clearly are more selfishly pigheaded and small-mindedly obtuse.)

    Alan Grayson was absolutely correct when he defined your mysterious Republican non-Health Plan.

    It was, “Get sick and die.”
    And you, Governor, you monstrosity, are proving him correct. You like to pretend that what you do won’t REALLY matter to millions of people, because they’re not YOUR real audience, are they?
    It’s a pity that a person in your position, with the ability to do so much, deliberately chooses to do so little, and what’s more , to double-down on further hurting your constituents.
    Why don’t you give them YOUR taxpayer funded insurance?

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