The 44th letter: please talk to me

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 44th letter to you.

By now you have probably read the Tennessean story. Tomorrow we are supposed to be interviewed for the Today show.  What I want is real simple:  talk to me.  Give me and my wife a few minutes of your time.

We deserve it.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,
Larry Drain

2 thoughts on “The 44th letter: please talk to me

  1. Dear Mr. Drain, I’ve read your story on Facebook, and I wanted you to know that I’m very sorry for your troubles. It’s a crime that you and your wife have to divorce in order to be able to keep your wife’s medical. I know that Tennessee is your home, but have you thought of either moving to Kentucky or Arkansas? Both states have the medicare expansion, and you could both get help. It seems to me that Governor Haslam either has no compassion or is not accepting the expansion to spite the President, whichever it is, it’s wrong, because he’s playing with your lives. I hope for the best to both of you.
    Best wishes, Madelane

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