The 33rd letter: how would you wait?

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 33rd letter to you.

If you were in my position how would you wait??

Suppose there was a policy that greatly threatened the quality of your life or that of your loved ones.

Suppose that the powers that be (that largely set this policy) decide not just that you lose the debate but that there will be no further debate without their approval(are you seeing the problem.??)

And suppose you wrote each and every day and asked the leader to at least talk about a new policy, to consider a change, or at least talk directly to the people hurt by his decision.  And suppose not only did the leader not agree, he gave you no acknowledgement he even knew you asked the question.

How would you wait??  What would you do?? How would you cope??  How much irrelevancy about a decision central to your life would be okay with you???

Governor, at least start a conversation about expansion.  At least acknowledge  the people you are hurting.

Until tomorrow,

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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