The 20th letter: Ending history

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my 20th letter to you.

You have the ability to end a history.  Since Governor Bredesen began to dismantle Tenn Care thousands and thousands of people have found that the state of Tennessee is more dangerous than whatever sickness or injury they have.  Many have been hurt.  Many have seen the quality of their lives destroyed.  Many have died.  I dont think we will ever know how many.

I looked on You Tube this past night and it was astonishing how many people were just reduced to begging for their lives.  It was so sad.

Start a new history.  Tell thousands of people “it is not that way anymore.”  Please….

Speak for Medicaid expansion.  Speak for us.  We have waited a very long time.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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