A second 20th letter: invisible and unheard

Dear Governor Haslam:

This is my second 20th letter. 

Whether you have meant to or not you have made poor people both silent and invisible.

Somewhere around 183,000 people in Tennessee are too poor for health care reform.  (That still sounds bizarre every time I say it)  It is we are told pointless to say or do anything.  The legislature has legislated away any discussion, debate or action.  You are “studying” the situation.  Poor people are left with the “forest question.”  If you are alone and in the woods and you talk about what you need to have quality of life or even life itself and there is no one there to hear you, nobody listening does what you say matter or is there any point in saying it at all.

Governor talk to the people.  If you are going to be part of telling them they cost too much, that they are disposable dont you at least owe them that much.

How can you study something and not talk to the people you are deciding about?  I dont get that.

Why dont you do a series of summits around the state??  A human face and voice is not the same as the data you get in some study.  I know we can find the poor people to talk to you.  We need to find a you to talk to them.

Ask them about Tenn Care expansion.  They might tell you something worth studying.

Support Tenn Care expansion.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

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