Open the discussion

There are two kinds of debate. One is where you disagree with what others say. That is the foundation of democracy.  The other is where you disagree with people disagreeing with you and try to end all debate.

The previous 3 links talk about what is happening in Montana, Georgia, and Alabama.  The same thing is happening in Tennessee.  The legislature has put every roadblock between Governor Haslam and yes to Tenn Care expansion it can.  By far the easiest thing for him to do is throw up his hands and say “I tried but it just didnt work out.”

He needs to hear another voice, a voice that says he needs to do more, should do more and can do more.  A state senator once told me he knew people without Tenn Care didnt care because no one ever complained to him.  Do not let Governor Haslam be able to look back and say the same.

Write, call, email.  Share your voice, share your heart.  Dont miss your chance.  Dont let us miss our chance.  If you call today and ask 3 people to do the same and they ask each of their people to do the same and so on by the time you reach the 5th level 8561 people have called– today.  Add one more level and 25183 people have called– tomorrow.

We can make a difference.  We have a lot more to say than silence.

Write Governor Haslam today.

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