The 14th letter: How many will die? How many have to die??

Dear Governor Haslam,

This is my 14th letter to you.

It asks only two questions: without TennCare expansion how many will die? And most importantly how many have to die?

The link below is to a study from Harvard that addresses the first of those questions.

Governor in the next year somewhere between 261 and 981 Tennesseans will die from lack of medical coverage. 261-981 people who will find that the government of the state of Tennessee is more dangerous than cancer, heart disease, diabetes, car wrecks or bullets.

The most important queston is the second one. How many have to die???


Governor its on you. Please expand TennCare. There are at least 981 reasons too. Please.

You have the voice. You have the choice. Please.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Larry Drain

Health Affairs Mobile
【from Next Browser】

2 thoughts on “The 14th letter: How many will die? How many have to die??

  1. What is so worrisome is that people who lose their loved ones or good friends to lack of health care understand what medicaid expansion can mean. So it seems that our elected officials are mostly insulated from this experience. How can this be. Where do our elected officials live? What bubble is so removed from the pain and suffering of preventable health catastrophes?

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