The seventh letter: justice

Dear Governor Haslam: 

This is my seventh letter to you.

It will be brief.  Your job description is justice.  I really think it is that simple.  Your job is through your decisions, your leadership and your modeling to give the people of this state the fairest chance availible to live a good and decent life.  Period.  Everything else is gravy.

How can there be justice without healthcare justice?? Where is the justice when some people are disposable??  Where is the justice in a society that treats the less priveliged members of it as though they were burdens and cost too much.  If justice for you, for me, for anyone is purchased with the misfortune of others do any of us have any real justice??  Are not we all diminished??

It is about being the governor of all Tennesseans even when it makes those you seek political favor from angry.  It is not just about being right it is about being good.

I hope you have a great Memorial day..  While thinking about the sacrifices of so many to make this a great country I hope you consider the challenges ahead facing you to make Tennessee a great state with justice for all and a state where no one will die because they cant access adequate medical care we all should have.

Governor please stand up for all of us.  Expand medicaid.

Until tomorrow,

Yours truly.

Larry Drain.

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