Note to readers

Right now it looks very much like Tennessee will not expand Medicaid.  Politically it doesnt look possible.  And that has left many people feeling hopeless and immobile.

This blog is meant to act as my virtual sit-in in Governor Haslam’s office.  As the voice of one person it has little chance of having any effect at all.  But as the voice of many maybe.  I invite you to join the sit-in and ask that you invite one more person who invites one more person and so on.  I will be writing Governor Haslam a letter each day asking him to expand medicaid.  I will email the letter and copy my legislators.  That is all you have to do.  And ask one more person to do the same.  All my letters will be published on this blog.  If you would like to join the sit-in I would love to publish your letters also.  Spread the word.  I dont know how well this will work.  I know how well doing nothing will work.  Please help.  It might be the best help you give.

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