Dear Governor Haslam

This is the first of many letters to you.  

I am hoping you will listen to what me and so many other Tennesseans are saying and reconsider your stance and publicly make a stand for Medicaid expansion.  I have waited for some sign of action on your part and honestly have seen none.  The legislature may have made it much more difficult for you to act, but the choice to speak is yours.

I realize that you will probably not see this letter.  There are many people between me and you and I dont know when or if they will even let you know I exist.  I am convinced though in the long term that the voice of ordinary people make a difference and whether or not me speaking makes a difference to you it makes a difference to me.  So I will speak.

As I said this is the first of many letters.  As much as I can I will write you every day talking about some aspect of the issue with you.  As I find it I will share information and articles.  I will talk about my story and share the stories of others.  

The lack of medicaid expansion has profoundly affected my life.  It has changed the way I live and the way my family lives in profound ways.  I will tell you my story tomorrow.  I want to keep these posts as short and to the point as I can.  I appreciate you, or whoever your person is taking the time to read and dont want to abuse that time.  

My most profound hope is that you are about more than politics or what the current political reality is.  I hope other things are much more important and it is based on that hope I write.

Thank you very much;

Larry Drain

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